The 2022 edition of Elysium

will not be evaluated until the

spring of 2023

2022 editor in chief:

Amanda Rey Dominguez

Once again, Elysium won the coveted

Columbia Scholastic Press Association Gold Crown. This time the 2021Crown was awarded under the tutelage of a new faculty sponsor, Stephanie Woolley-Larrea. Mrs. Scott, the founder of the magazine and sponsor for the last 15 years, retired last year and Ms. Woolley's staff put together the print magazine working in groups almost entirely online. Kudos!


Additionally, Jalynn McDuffey, won first place in the Gold Circle Awards for her illustration “Jordan,”

2021 Editors in Chief   Andres Rincon  Ava Albelo

2020 Editor in Chief    Anik Willig

   Columbia Scholastic Press Association awarded the

   2020 edition of Elysium with its coveted Crown

   Award.  This is the 7th year in a row that Elysium

   won a Crown Award.


  Elysium also won the highest award for NCTE REALM


   In addition to the Crown, Columbia University

   recognized the following students for their creative

   work with a Gold Circle Award :


    Nia Paz; 1st place essay:  "Portraits"


    Julie Fontes: 1st place single illustration:

       "Silver Moonlight"


    Jalynn McDuffey: 2nd place Portfolio



    Elisa Taylhardat: CM   Cover Design:

        " A World Flipped Upside Down"

2019 Editor in Chief:   Sophia Lord

Columbia University awarded the 2019 edition of Elysium their prestigious Crown Award.


In addition to the Crown, the following

students were recognized for individual

gold circle awards:


Nicole Marino, "Looming Peril," 1st place

     Interview about Sex Trafficking

Michelle Huang, "In the Space Between,"


Sophia Lord, "A Collection of Women,"



Additionally Elysium once again was awarded the National Council of Teachers of English's highest award (1st class) in its REALM program.

2018 Editor in Chief:  Sophia Lord



   Columbia University just awarded the

   2018 Elysium Literary/Art Magazine

   their prestigious CROWN AWARD.


   Congratulations  Sophia Lord, editor

   in chief, and the entire 2018 staff.

   This is our 5th Crown in 5  years.


       NCTE's REALM program awarded

       the magazine its highest ranking for

       the 13th year.

2017 Editor in Chief  Audrey Daugherty


     Columbia Scholastic Press

     Silver Crown


     CSPA Gold Medalist


     National Council of Teachers

     of English REALM Awards:

     Highest Award


     CSPA Gold Circle:

     Ericka Cantin, “Nick,” Single



2016 Editor in Chief    Michael Gordon


    Columbia Scholastic Press

    Silver Crown

    CSPA  Gold Medalist

    NCTE Highest Award

    CSPA Gold Circle Awards:

    1st place for non-fiction column:

      Nicole Garcia  "Fabula Rasa"

     1st place photography: Karla Infante

             "Where is the Light?"

     3rd place Cover Design:

     Patrick Martin and Claudia S. Guzman

     CM: free form poetry: Itara Moore

             "The Atheist"

2015 Editor in Chief     Amy Meltzer

Columbia Scholastic Press Association awarded Elysium a Gold

Crown, the highest  national award


NCTE also gave us the highest award.


five students won a Gold Circle Award

1st place cover:    Nathalie Francis

1st place essay:    Aneres Williams

2nd place fiction:   Valentina Misas

3rd place humor:   Anysa Chebbi

CM in Fiction:        Josie Lo Bello


        Gold Medal CSPA



     National Council of Teachers

     of English PRESLM

     highest award.



     CSPA  Gold Circle Awards:


      Single illustration

          CM. Yinimi Galego "Stay"


     Portfolio illustation

          CM:  Jurissa Tellez


   National Council of Teachers  of English Highest  National

  Award for Literary Magazines (PRESLM). Click on Florida.


  Gold medal from CSPA and an All-Columbian Rating.


  Gold medal from NSPA and an All-American rating.


  Three Elysium 2011-2012 staff members won the

  prestigious Columbia University Gold Circle award.

  See M4,M8, and M23.


     Rebecca Raskin,           "White Blank Page"

     Hannah Pustejovsky,    "The Love of my Life"

     Carolina Beguiristain,   "Boy Problems"


National Council of Teachers of English  PRESLM Program:

Highest National Award





Columbia Scholastic Press Association: Gold Medalist




Did not submit to Crowns or Gold Circle Awards

NCTE PRESLIM:Highest National Award


CSPA:Gold Medalist


NSPA : All American



CSPA Gold Circle Awards:


2nd Place:  Single Illustration Color:  Tatiana Jackson "Lait"

1st place: Single Illustration "Bestial Ramifications"

2nd Place Color Portfolio:   Raquel Kidd

CM Color Portfolio: Audrey Gonzalez

3rd place Cartoon: Andrea Espinosa "Sourtongue"

Photography:  CM   Raye Ng  "Survive"

2009 Editor-in-Chief:  Mitra Hosseini

2008 Editor-in-Chief:  Katherine Holmes


NCTE PRESLM'S Highest National Award


CSPA Gold Medalist with three All-Columbians in Organization, Content, and Design.


NSPA: All American with five marks of distinction


CSPA Gold Circle Awards:


1st place; Single Illustration:  Gabriella Portilla "Irony of Being a Tree"

CM:  illustration:  Samantha Lazarus "Hands"

Multi-Page Spread:  CM  Fernando Rosales



2008 Editor in Chief: Katherine Holmes

NCTE's PRESLM’s Highest National Award

NSPA All-American

CSPA Gold Medalist


CSPA Gold Circle Awards


Poetry: CM  Mariohn Michel "The History of History"

Single Ilustration: 3rd place:  Carmen Guillien  "Old Age"

Portfolio:  2nd place:  Alina Balaguero

Cartoon:  2nd Place:   "

This is a Disjointed Spy Story"


2007 Editor-in-Chief: Cecile McLorin-Salvant won the prestigious Thelonius Monk Competition and was nominated for a Grammy Award

in 2013 for  jazz vocal album. Cecile  won the Grammy in 2015 , 2017, 2018 for best Jazz Vocal Album


CSPA Gold Circle Awards:


Allyson Jones: 1st place photography: "These Hands"

Martine Powers: 1st place poetry for "Never Again"

Alina Balaguero  1st place cartoon “Bees Whacks”:

Carmen Guillen-Casal third place for her illustration

                         Peggy Sue Faces Oblivion"

Adrianna Arintok  2nd pl. illustration "Pocket Troll"

Gretta Martinez: CM: photography: "Red Balloon"


NSPA Pacemaker Finalist  (one of 9 in nation)


CSPA Silver Medalist ; NCTE PRESLM Superior

NCTE PRESLM Superior Rating


CSPA Gold Medalist with Two All-Columbians


Gold Circle Awards from CSPA:

Photography 2nd pl: Nick Kallergis


Single Illustration: CM Christina Jay

"The Leslie II"

Our first editor-in-chief Justin Danier-Best edited  the Haverford Review


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